Eyes Up Guardian! Playing my first MMO game - Destiny The Taken King

I’ve been playing Destiny on PS4 since the beginning of its year 2 release of The Taken King expansion in September 2015. Destiny is a first-person shooter, massive, multiplayer online game. This game marks the first MMO game I’ve played and it was a bit of a learning experience.

The grind to level game characters is real…

Destiny issues a reset every Tuesday. Each weekly reset changes the modifiers and challenges for the game’s content such as raids, strikes, or crucible playlists. The game saves any progress made during raids, but players must complete it before the slate is wiped clean. Also, each day there’s a different heroic story mission. The daily mission resets are good for earning Legendary Marks, currency that help level up specific gear.

I mainly play as a Hunter (Gunslinger), but some days, I run my Warlock (Voidwalker) or Titan (Striker). All of my characters are level 40, the game’s current maximum level, but this is where light level comes into play. Destiny’s April update increased max light to 335. The light level is an average of all of my weapons and armor. The grind to higher light level gear is always present in this game, in part, because it makes running the end game content and challenges with its changing modifiers a bit easier.

The value of a good chat headset

A good chat headset is my best friend in a multiplayer environment. I prefer wireless, but the wireless headset I have my eye on is expensive, so I opted for a budget friendly one with a cord instead. It has great sound that makes it feel like I’m in the game! The sound quality is very good, I replayed a couple of my other games to experience it with better sound.

Destiny: The Taken King is an “online only” game. It took a moment for me to get familiar with seeing random players roaming about while on patrol or at the Tower, the game’s social hub. The game is a lot of fun with the right fire team. Luckily, I’ve played on fireteams with people who are cool and collected no matter how many times we wipe before clearing a raid. There’s no way to “pause” the game to deal with minor distractions like the phone ringing or snack breaks. So, once I start a quest, I make sure I have these things at arms reach. Then, kiss the next 3 hours goodbye.

About the author.

Cynthia L. Wright is a frontend developer, writer, and stick-figure artist. When she's not writing or coding, she enjoys traveling, video games, reading, and learning how to draw things.

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