Hello there!

I’m Cynthia. Welcome to my weblog! I’m former as a legal assistant with 6+ years in experience providing office management services for a law firm and as well as support through discovery and trial phases in personal injury litigation. It was certainly challenging, but exciting work and I certainly learned a thing or two managing project workflows and deadlines!

I stumbled onto web development and writing for the web when I first started a WordPress blog (back in the day) in 2013, and I’ve been intrigued by the different technologies that make the web work ever since.

This blog is where I share resources for continued learning (as it relates to sharpening the skills of one’s craft) and technologies related to web development, productivity, small biz and money management.

A cozy home office with a desk and chair

I code and optimize digital platforms that connect people with their tribe of awesome

I’m a frontend web developer focused on scalable, responsive web design and user interactivity using some of the following technologies, frameworks such as WordPress/PHP, semantic HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

I help small to mid-sized businesses produce compelling and effective technical documents, develop blog content, and design and maintain virtual platforms so they can connect with their tribe of awesome.

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You may also read my latest updates or tinker with a few of my web development projects on Github.